Balance Healing Center
For the healthy, conscious lifestyle




Live Well

Balance makes it easier






Healthy, Conscious Lifestyle \bal-uhns hee-ling sen-ter\ verb
1: caring for ourselves   2: actively participating in what we want
our life to be   3: knowing that it is an ongoing process



Balance Healing Center works with clients to address physical ailments and personal issues.

Balance also works with clients who feel well but are looking for ways to maintain their health and personal growth.

Our team of practitioners utilize over 70 years of combined experience to help clients find and maintain good health and happiness.

Balance Healing Center shares space with a yoga studio on the northwest side of Chicago. Our studio reflects the principles of a balanced lifestyle from our element inspired décor to our variety of traditional and modern techniques.

We look forward to helping you find your Balance.

In good health and happiness,  
Aimee and The Balance Healing Center Team